Thomas more
About the Guild

The Thomas More Lawyers' Guild of Toronto is an association of Catholic lawyers and judges. The Guild has three aims:

First, it assists its members to integrate their spiritual and professional lives. The Guild sponsors Toronto's annual Red Mass. (click to view Red Mass)

Second, it provides an opportunity for members to socialize and network with colleagues and their families. The Guild offers a number of activities for members and their families. (click to view Calendar of Events)

Third, by its existence, the Guild bears witness to the fact that there is no contradiction between the Catholic faith and the profession of law. We can be, as Saint Thomas More professed himself, "the King's good servant, but God's first".

In each of these aims, the Guild models itself on its patron, Saint Thomas More. Lawyer, judge, statesman, scholar, writer, husband, father, martyr, saint: Thomas More truly was, as his friend Erasmus described him, "a man for all seasons". He rose to become London's leading barrister, Chancellor of England, and a renowned scholar, yet devoted himself to the education of his children and tirelessly defended the Catholic Church. He was martyred when he refused to acknowledge King Henry VIII as Head of the Church

The Guild is managed by a Board of Directors. (click to view Board of Directors)

We are grateful for the contributions of Sponsors, who are recognised in the Red Mass each year.

We encourage all Catholic lawyers, judges, and law students to join the Guild. (click to view Join the Guild)