Thomas more
Saint Thomas More

Lawyer, judge, statesman, scholar, writer, husband, father, martyr, saint: Thomas More truly was,
as his friend Erasmus described him, "a man for all seasons".

Born in 1478, educated at Oxford, New Inn, and Lincolns' Inn, he was called to the bar in 1501.

Thomas soon became London's leading barrister and served as a part time judge. In 1518 he entered
the king's service, becoming Chancellor in 1529. He retired to his home in Chelsea in
1532 after Henry VIII was declared Head of the Church.

He was a vocal defender of the Church and wrote numerous works, including Utopia.

With his first wife, Jane, he had four children. After Jane's death, he married Alice. He was a
pioneer in educating his daughters. Thomas was known for his gift for friendship and sense of humour.

Thomas was convicted of treason for refusing to swear an oath acknowledging Henry as Head of
the Church, and beheaded, in 1535. He was canonized in 1935.


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