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“I think that if any good thing shall go forward, something must be adventured.”

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About the Guild

Thomas More Lawyers’ Guild of Toronto is focused on pluralistic growth to contribute to its already robust Catholic and legal community, and it seeks to shed light and encourage dialogue of important intersections between the Catholic faith and the law.

The Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild although historically a Catholic association, does not limit membership and participation to only those of Catholic faith. Saint Thomas More is the patron Saint of all lawyers and judges regardless of faith. The Guild enthusiastically welcomes all lawyers and judges. The primary purpose of the Guild is to promote the practice and tenets of faith in the administration of justice. In this regard , the Guild looks to the example of its patron Saint who described himself as “the King’s good servant, but God’s first”. 

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Our Objectives

The Guild models itself on its patron, Saint Thomas More. Lawyer, judge, statesman, scholar, writer, husband, father, martyr, saint: Thomas More truly was, as his friend Erasmus described him, “a man for all seasons”. He rose to become London’s leading barrister, Chancellor of England, and a renowned scholar, yet devoted himself to the education of his children and tirelessly defended the Catholic Church.

Red Mass

We assists its members to integrate their spiritual and professional lives. The Guild sponsors Toronto's annual Red Mass.

Faith Based Newtork

Second, it provides an opportunity for members to socialize and network with colleagues and their families. The Guild offers a number of activities for members and their families.

Pursuit for Justice

Third, by its existence, the Guild bears witness to the fact that there is no contradiction between the Catholic faith and the profession of law. We can be, as Saint Thomas More professed himself, "the King's good servant, but God's first".

 We are grateful for the contributions of Sponsors, who are recognized in the Red Mass each year. We encourage all lawyers, judges, and law students to join the Guild. The Guild is managed by a Board of Directors: 

What Members are Saying

I am thoroughly impressed with the referrals I have received since subscribing with Thomas More Lawyers' Guild. It is an ingenious way to network through the internet.

Zack Granic |


I cannot reiterate how valuable Thomas More Lawyers' Guild has been for me in this start up phase. Probably one of the best investments I’ve made.

George Richler |