Thomas More Lawyers’ Guild of Toronto

A Prayer to St. Thomas More

St. Thomas More, counsellor and advocate, learned in the law, chancellor of charity and jurist of justice, merry martyr, scholar and canonized saint, may the Lord of all law and of all lawyers make me at your request a little more like you today than I was yesterday. Pray that for the greater glory of God and in pursuit of His justice, I may be able in argument, accurate in analysis, strict in study, correct in conclusion, candid with clients, honest with adversaries, faithful in all details to the faith. Sit with me at my desk and listen with me to my client’s tales. Read with me in my library and stand beside me in court so that today I shall not, to win a point, lose my soul. Pray that my spouse and children may find in me what they have a right there to see – honour and humility, cheerfulness and charity, an approach to wisdom, counsel, sound consolation, and a little bit of the shadow of you. St. Thomas More, brother lawyer who by your membership has proven our sullied profession not only honourable but also compatible with sanctity, pray for us now engaged in the struggle to imitate our Divine Master. Lord Chancellor, stand retained by us before the Infinite Lord Justice who will preside when we are to be tried.

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